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No, I can categorically say I do not use artificial intelligence. In my experience, ai decks are by their nature, very generic, bland and still lack cutting-edge design. Even worse, they're instantly recognisable and make you look lazy, poor quality and cheap so investors tend to despise them.

That's absolutely fine! In fact, that's where I can add even more value because I love helping early-stage start-ups and hungry founders like you to shape your vision, discover your product/market fit and overcome obstacles. In fact, I've even been asked to do more consulting work for clients, including full brand creation, names, logos, business plans and more for some of my clients.

As mentioned above, I can work with you on anything, even just a vague idea for a business. However, if you have them already, all of the following will help: logo files, website link, app screens, business plans, personnel profiles, financial forecasts. 

A naturally creative individual, I’ve founded several businesses since the age of 18 (admittedly, not all of them successfully but they’re the ones you learnt the most from). From highly profitable buying and selling models to a national protein brand with a strict investor, I know the daily challenges of being an entrepreneur and trying to grow your business. I started Elevate so you don't have to let creating a killer pitch deck be one of yours. 

I've successfully raised finance for my own start-ups from angel investors. Since starting Elevate, in total, I've helped start-ups request over $745m worth of investor funding, from one-person £25,000 pre-seed raises to crowdfunding and government fund investments worth over $100million USD.

Yes, a first-class MBA and a BSc degree, both in Business Management, both from a leading UK Business School, the University of Bath.

But that corporate lifestyle and working my way up the career ladder isn’t for me. I much prefer the independence, creativity and reward of helping entrepreneurs and start-ups like you achieve your dreams. 

Absolutely - it's only natural that you want to have control over your deck to make changes in the future. I predominantly use Canva due to its easy-to-use platform that makes it easy for you to make edits and tweaks going forwards. Once our order is complete, I’ll share an editable link with you, ensuring that you're always in control of your own deck.

I mainly use Canva because this helps you to take control and be able to make your own tweaks and changes going forward. Established with the goal of democratising design for businesses, Canva combines a smooth user-interface with in-depth design features. 

You'll receive your pitch deck as a PDF. This is the recommended style to share in due to its easy readability, versatility across software and familiarity for investors. 

You'll also receive it as a Canva link and if requested, PPT. 

From business plans to logo design, flyers to sales brochures and entrepreneur coaching, check out the 'Other Start-up Services' page to see what else I offer to help take your business to the next level.